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New Construction HVAC Installation

Installing heating and air conditioning in an old house can get tricky and expensive, but if you are constructing a new house in the Wasatch Front, then you can make sure you do things right the first time to save yourself the headache down the road. Desert Star Heating And Air will work with home builders to ensure that the optimal system is installed the first time, that the ductwork is set up in an efficient way, and that your unit is compliant with energy codes.

Considerations for heating and air systems in new homes

Every Utah home is different, and will require different considerations when installing a furnace and A/C system. Desert Star Heating And Air will work with you to install your HVAC system correctly according to your home. If your furnace is too small for your house, then it will run constantly and drive up your bill each month, not to mention that you might struggle to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

On the other hand, if your furnace is too large, then you will end up paying more money out of pocket each month than is necessary. When it comes to the comfort of your home life as well as the efficiency of your HVAC system, let Desert Star Heating And Air help you install your furnace and A/C correctly the first time.

Efficient installation of HVAC systems

Your ductwork will influence the performance of your heating system as well as your air conditioner. It is important to install the ductwork in your home properly, as leaky ducts can cause massive amounts of wasted energy. This will result in you paying more than necessary each month in your energy bill. To save money over time, have professionals install the HVAC system in your new home. With our 25 years of experience, we will install your heating and air system the right way for your home and budget.

Why choose Desert Star Heating and Air

Desert Star Heating and Air only uses high quality furnaces and air conditioning units, so your Utah HVAC system will be both efficient and reliable in your new home. With our industry know-how, we will make sure you get the right unit to minimize your upfront costs while maximizing your monthly savings. We will also take time to make sure your ductwork is properly installed and leak-free, so you don’t have any wasted energy. Contact us today for a free quote on installing an HVAC system in your home!