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Air Conditioner Repair

When the air conditioner breaks down, Riverton and West Valley residents can look to Desert Star Heating and Air for AC repair. Our friendly technicians are well trained to fix all kinds of cooling issues.

Your satisfaction is our priority. We don’t provide a temporary fix to the problem—we apply the best solution the first time around, because we consider your interests first.

High-Quality Repairs

Some HVAC service providers lose sight of what’s important, which is to provide expert solutions. Instead of fixing the problem for you, some services may try to upsell you. But we don’t. Our technicians utilize their years of experience in the field to best serve your needs.

No problem is too small or big with us. Each one requires the same focus because we aim to do every job the right way. More than that, we wouldn’t want to provide work that we wouldn’t allow in our own homes.

Why Repair?

Before calling, you may ask if repair is the best way forward. You do have replacement or even a new installation as alternatives, but don’t spend too much too soon. If your unit is still relatively new, we can work on it so that it continues to keep your home comfortable.

Trust us to figure out the most efficient way out of a cooling system breakdown. It may just be a case of bad wiring. Maybe it’s running low on refrigerant, or the coil is frozen. We will be honest in our assessment, so don’t worry about spending on what you don’t need.

In addition, we offer veterans a 10% discount on our service, always.

You can count on our high-quality AC repair in West Valley and Riverton. Submit a form online or call us directly.

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