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Air Conditioner Tune-Up

Info about our ac tune-up will be available shortly please call us for more info.
Many other HVAC companies like to brag about how many points their Ac Tune-up covers but here at Desert Star we like to be straightforward with our customers. Rather than provide you with a list of things we do we will just cover the main things.

Whats Included

1) New Furnace Filter (1 thickness only)
2) Cleaning and Inspection of outdoor condenser unit
3) Evaluation of the coolant (Freon) help your system operate at peak efficiency
4) Inspection of all the electrical connections to verify safe system operation
Inspection of all moving parts and make necessary adjustments

Common Questions People Have About Ac Tune-ups

How often do I need an A/C Tune-up?
-Manufacturers recommended that you have your ac tuned up once every season. That said, you can have both their A/C and Furnace tuned during the same visit.

What brands do we work on?
-Having been in the industry for 27 years we work on any brand of system.

When can you do an Ac Tune-up?
-The temperature outside must be over 70°F


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