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Furnace Repair for Warm, Cozy Nights

Furnace Repair

Most Americans rely on furnaces, in all the variants, for heat. When such systems break down, we at Desert Star Heating and Air can work on all kinds of furnaces. We do furnace repair in Riverton and West Valley—and we do it well.

Once your furnace starts producing less heat, don’t take too long before calling for repairs. As a Utah resident, you’ll need a furnace that works properly when the temperature dips. An unreliable furnace will mean cold, uncomfortable nights. So take action and call for a repair as soon as problems come up.

Problems Come in Many Forms

When a heater doesn’t work well, it almost always mean less heat. We all know this, and can act on it. But there are many ways your heating system can malfunction.

Short cycling is a change you’re not likely to notice. It’s when the furnace turns on and off too frequently. It affects the efficiency of the unit, and when it occurs repeatedly for a long stretch, it can be a sign of a major problem in your heater.

If you’re not getting enough heat, it may not be a faulty furnace but a mismatched thermostat. For excessive heat, however, it may be a furnace fan set to continuously run or a fan control that is faulty.

But for problems in the pilot light, ignition, or noise, we resort to established furnace repair techniques. We’ll find a solution to the problem, and do it in a timely manner. This way, you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort for too long.

Don’t let the furnace go out completely. If we can still repair it, you can still get more use out of it. If you live in Riverton or West Valley, call for our furnace repair services.

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